Coloured Contact Lenses

The Top Do's & Don'ts for Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

May 01, 2020

Why the power of coloured contact lenses is one you need to control 

Too many people out there are giving coloured contact lenses a bad name. 

We’re not just talking about the cheap and nasty brands that you sometimes come across, but the doozies who buy them or do the stupidest things with their coloured contacts.

It’s not hard to buy some of the best coloured contact lenses around – but there are knobs who find ways to wear them the wrong way or forget to take care of them. It’s not friggin’ rocket science.

The Horror Stories

It’s because of twats and twits that you can read horror stories about coloured contact lenses. 

Here some headlines of ‘TRUE’ stories;

  • Coloured Contacts Make Woman’s Eyeballs Explode
  • Halloween Lens Rips Out Cornea 
  • Going For A Swim In Coloured Lenses Ends In Blindness
  • Coloured Contact Rolls Behind Eye And Into The Brain
  • Eye Colour Changes Permanently Because Of Coloured Contact Lenses

Let’s take a breath here. These are all bollocks.

If you think coloured contacts can make someone’s eyes explode then go and eat a piece of the Moon because, as you would know, it’s made of cheese! Tell you something that won’t explode and that’s your brain from thinking too much. Geez!

Halloween lens rips out cornea? 

Really. It hopped out of its case and bounced along to the person’s face, climbed inside their eye and then ripped out the cornea. With what? It hasn’t even got hands!! Or the lens magically stuck to the eye and then had to rush off but it took the cornea with it?

Sounds believable. Oh and Jamie Oliver broke into my house to steal my recipe for scrambled eggs.

Swimming in coloured lenses ends in blindness.

That can happen if you swim straight into the wall of the pool… maybe. Nothing to do with wearing coloured contacts, you pillock! If you forget you’re wearing coloured contacts until you’re out of the pool, just remember to throw them away – and straight away.

Coloured contact rolls behind eye and into the brain

That’s possible with some numpties whose brains are just rolling around in their heads.

No contact lens can roll back behind your eye, let alone into your brain. If anyone tells you that story, give them the biggest eye roll.

Eye colour changes permanently because of coloured contact lenses

You probably haven’t heard this one because we just made it up, but it’s just as ‘believable’ as the load of shite just mentioned.

Real Tips on How to Look after your Coloured Contact Lenses

Real Do’s & Don’ts to remember.

  1. Keep your contact lenses CLEAN

That means cleaning them with a proper solution or you will have big problems.

Store them in a sterile liquid not in a glass of water. Before you touch your lenses make sure your hands are super clean.

  1. Don’t sleep with your coloured contacts IN.

Take OUT your coloured lenses BEFORE you go to sleep. If you’re knackered, then make sure your contacts are removed and stored in their sterile solution. Don’t be lazy and sleep with them in – otherwise you will get a nasty wake-up call.

  1. NEVER share your coloured contacts with anybody else

Doesn’t matter how much you love someone, just keep your eyes out of the shared affection or you’ll be talking about a shared infection. 

  1. Don’t put your contacts in THEN do your make-up

The last thing you need is to have eye troubles and have to see a doctor. Make-up first then the contacts later.

  1. Don’t REUSE cleaning solution

Doesn’t matter how much you want to save money, don’t be so scumbaggy that you reuse contact cleaning solution EVER! Rinse your lens case out every day and let it air dry before you fill it with FRESH solution. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

AND – 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Do’s for your coloured contact lenses:

Get quality lenses (certified and approved) – Choose lenses that you can wear for up to 8 hours – Buy from a reliable supplier – Order your lenses AND get a proper sterile cleaning kit – Get more than one pair because you will LOVE it when you Colour Your Eyes. 

Just so happens that’s the name of one of the world’s best suppliers of quality coloured contact lenses. Huuuge range and beauuutiful looks are all yours.


They’re ready and waiting for you now. All you need to DO is Colour Your Eyes.

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