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The Serious Wow Factor You Get From Dark Grey Contact Lenses

May 16, 2020

How to make your mark in dark grey contact lenses

You want to stand out but in a special way. There’s something super special about a quality pair of Dark Grey contact lenses.

It’s the whole mysterious thing going on.

Who is that? Where did they come from? What’s with those mesmerising eyes?

Then comes the feeling of, let’s face it, jealousy. We are talking about going the full gangajang green with envy. Those grey eyes are straight out hypnotising.

Keep your pants on and don’t bark like a dog (or whatever those hypnotists make people do on stage). Don’t think you are strong enough to resist them – you’re not. One look into those gorgeous grey wonders and you’ll be well and truly hooked.

The power of grey eyes is black and white

Now, here’s the best thing about dark grey contact lenses – you can look seriously smokin’ in a pair.

This is when you will think you’re in one of those American cheesy comedies when the lead characters are all talking about a totally smokin’ so and so. Then they do the slow mo pull in on a character stepping through a doorway and the funky music is amping up. All eyes turn to this amazing looking wonder.

There’s the distracted bike rider who rides into; a lake, a tree or the back of a car. 

Someone’s spellbound while holding an ice-cream and can’t see it’s melting all down his hand.

Two people playing catch and one stops and turns while the ball flies straight for their head.

Hilarious! No, it’s not. It’s got every bloody cliché under the sun in it BUT you could actually get the same effect when you’re wearing your magical grey lenses. Not the corny American movie stuff, we mean the captivating and jaw dropping attention.

What kind of grey eyes can you get?

Luckily for you, there’s a shipload of sensational greys – in fact, more than 50 shades. 

Check out these little wonders and you’ll see the big opportunities they can bring. The long list of luscious looks includes;

  • sensational Satin Grey 
  • seductive Sky or Silky Grey
  • chic Platinum and Velvet Grey
  • captivating Circle, Radiant and Cloudy Grey
  • and special shades like Luminous Pearl or Bella Diamond – Grey Green 

Talk about Wow Factor and then some! 

Grey is a truly hypnotic eye colour and light or dark grey contact lenses work like magic. The only trick is choosing which pair is going to work their little miracle for you first.

The power of Grey is all there in black & white

Let’s face it, your eyes speak louder than your words.

It doesn’t matter what you’re saying if your eyes are telling a different story. That’s why eye colour can be such a powerful tool.

We’ve all seen some amazing eyes in our lives. The key is in the colour of those eyes. That’s what makes them memorable. 

Having a unique look about you means you’re sure to get noticed and be someone to remember. 

Just imagine you’ve seen a pair of blue, brown or even hazel eyes. Some shades will be more eye-catching than others, but nothing will be truly out of the ordinary. Then you see a pair of grey eyes looking at you. 

  1. Your brain goes “Wait a minute! Are those eyes grey?”
  2. You have a closer look to see if you are mistaken
  3. You realise that you’re staring and you better stop
  4. You wonder where they got those incredible eyes

It’s a powerful colour and the best part is, you don’t have to imagine what they can look like. You can get a pair of light or dark grey contact lenses happening for you today.

Your best set of grey coloured contacts is here

You don’t have to spend hours trying to find the best coloured contacts around. They’re all ready and set to go out to you at Colour Your Eyes.

The top quality lenses you’ve always wanted can be yours.

Start on your path to being truly memorable. 

All you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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