how to make your eyes glow

The one special thing to know when you’re wondering how to make your eyes glow

November 29, 2020

A glowing look is all about knowing where to find the right coloured contacts

Wondering how to make your eyes glow? Go with a pair of the best UV glow contact lenses.

There’s nothing like the look of UV glow lenses and there’s nothing like the effect that your glowing eyes can have on everyone else.

You actually need to stop and think about what we’re talking about here.

These are not just a pair of captivating eyes. This is not just someone with different coloured pupils. These are special coloured contact lenses you can wear that glow in the dark!

That’s enough to make the whole party stop in stunned silence right there and then. You can’t get a more heart-stopping look than these little sparkling delights.

Hypnotic eyes that shine brighter than anything else

Nearly all of us have seen some stunning looks in our time. Often it all comes down to the look in someone’s eyes or the unusual colour of them.

If you’ve never seen a pair of pale blue eyes before, then you are going to take notice of them now. If you’ve never seen honey coloured eyes, then there’s going to be nothing sweeter.

Even in a darkened room or maybe even because of it, a pair of eyes that cut through the room are more entrancing and enthralling than ever.

Now you can have a pair of eyes that glow and shine bright and more so in the lowest light. That’s gotta be a great advantage when you want to get noticed. It’s your first class ticket to being the first one people want to talk to.

Did someone say ‘Attention Seeking’? Yeah, what of it? These coloured contacts are attention grabbing for all the right reasons.

Not just one-off wonders

The great thing about UV glow contacts is that you have a party look that stands out from the crowd.

The looks you get will be a mix of shock, wonder and even a bit of jealousy. It’s almost not fair to look so incredible, but it’s fair to say that no-one there will leave without noticing you.

The styles and shades of UV glow just throw the rule book out for how good you can look. Try these names just for a sample and you’ll see why these coloured contacts are such a huge hit, including:

  • Climax Pink and Pink Ruki
  • Glass White that shines super bright
  • The wonders of Wolf Eye
  • Pack a punch in Purple Poison
  • Go crazily cool in Infected UV

And there’s a heap of rich and risqué Reds, Greys, Blues, Greens and more that can help you push the boundaries of a killer look. Remember, you’re glowing!

No Halloween, Fancy Dress or Cosplay party will be the same with you harnessing the haunting and hypnotic look of these amazing lenses. You can club it, pub it or hit a festival or make it an unforgettable New Year’s with the unbelievable UV glow that’s all yours.

Watch out world, here you come!

You were once one of those who ask how to make your eyes glow so brightly? The answer is your new set of UV Glow lenses.

You can choose a pair that suits your style or sparks your imagination.

Forget being bored or boring. You can be a huge hit at your next fancy dress occasion. These are safe to wear for the whole night.

The trick to their magic is the way they play with the UV light. Glowing, sparkling and dazzling everyone who looks your way – and there will be a ton of people turning to you.

There’s nothing like stealing the limelight. How can you not get all the attention once you know how to make your eyes glow in the dark? It’s like having a supernatural power shining bright.

Go with the Glow and steal the show

Who wants to go to a party and look just Ho-hum, when you can actually glow? No-one needs to feel flat and boring anymore, not with these powerful wonders ready to transform your eyes and your whole look.

The only place to go is Colour Your Eyes.

Now you know how to make your eyes glow, you’re never going to look back.

Get a set of fully tested and approved UV glow contact lenses today. These are quality certified lenses that you can safely store in their special saline solution and case. 

Looking to turn your fancy dress outfit into something phenomenal? Now’s your chance!

All you need to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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