Black Contact Lenses Halloween

Get A Pair Of The Black Contact Lenses Halloween Winners Wear

June 21, 2020

In Black Contact Lenses Halloween Time, you’re in for freak out fun

Yes, there are some seriously freakin’ amazing looks you can try when you buy Halloween contact lenses.

There’s something super special about black contact lenses Halloween party goers know.

Is it the deadly gaze of black eyes looking back at you?

Is it seriously that simple to make people jump, scream or even run wearing black contacts?

Yes! And don’t be surprised if you don’t go close to wetting yourself when you first put them in and then see those freaky wonders staring back at you.

You’re in for one hell of a ride when you buy Halloween contact lenses in a black magic shade.

Black contacts are scarily good

At any fancy dress or Halloween party, everyone is checking everyone else out.

It’s perfectly normal at a costume party to see who has come as what. It’s actually a bit weird if you don’t care about any of the fancy dress outfits – even bordering on rude.

People go to a lot of trouble to put together something special for the night – some do a little and some go, let’s just say – waaaaaaaaaay overboard. It doesn’t really matter than much as long as everyone puts in a bit of effort and coloured contacts can help any outfit go up a notch.

Here’s a handy tip, if you don’t want to dress up, then don’t. However – you can’t go to the party and expect everyone else not to wonder what happened to you or your mind.

Of course they’re all thinking – ‘Did they forget it was a fancy dress?’ or, even worse, ‘Don’t they know that coming as yourself is almost worse than not coming at all?’

Buy Halloween contact lenses and say goodbye to boring

If you’re going to any Halloween party, then you’ve got to put some proper thinking. 

Going as any of the following characters or celebrities is a No-No, so read carefully:

  • A Pirate or Sailor (sorry, not a Halloween theme me matey)
  • Little Bo Peep or any other nursery rhyme character (again, not Halloween!)
  • A sexy Nurse or French Maid (unless you’re a zombie version of them)

There are a truckload of good Halloween characters and ideas out there and if you can’t think of any off the top of your head, then there’s always help from a little thing called the Internet.

If you’re going as anything scary, then you’d be mad not to buy Halloween contact lenses.

Any vampire, witch, living dead, crackpot psycho or zombie look goes through the roof with a great pair of Halloween lenses in. 

Black contacts are scarily good

There’s always a bit of an extra edge to a Monster, Beast, Demon or Devilish outfit when you’re wearing a pair of black coloured contacts.

You can even go Mini Black Sclera or the full eye covering 22mm Black Sclera. 

That means no white of the eye – not a spot and you have the power to make people freeze where they are and just watch their jaw drop.

Just think of it – an eye that is all-black and nothing else to focus on. Gives you the heebie-jeebies just picturing it. Wait to you see it in real life and watch people run for theirs catching sight of something deep and dark from another world.

With a new pair of black contact lenses, Halloween will really go off for you. You could be in line for the best costume and you’ll know it’s that special pair of lenses that have got you there.

But where do you get a quality set these days?

Time To Colour Your Eyes

You don’t have the time or patience to be worrying about getting a dud pair of coloured lenses at the best of times, but not at Halloween! It’s the heart of party season and you’re looking to have some fun not visit a medical clinic with sad and sore eyes.

Go for the best of the best whenever you buy Halloween contact lenses. That means colouring your eyes with a pair of Colour Your Eyes wonderful contacts.

Why are they the top name? Because the lenses are UK made, EU quality approved and certified. 

Want to look freakin’ awesome? There’s only one thing you need to do – Colour Your Eyes.

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