For an OMG Look, Go For Solotica Hidrocor Ocre Lenses

For an OMG Look, Go For Solotica Hidrocor Ocre Lenses

February 15, 2020

What exactly are these Solotica Hidrocor Ocre lenses everyone is talking about?

Firstly, there’s no surprise that those in the know when it comes to coloured contacts look the top name – that’s Solotica Hidrocor lenses.

These are the coloured contact masters who have continued to innovate over the last 60 years. Lenses don’t come better than the Solotica Hidrocor range.

It’s that innovation and look to the future that has meant the Hidrocor collection is always moving forward in quality and variety.

Now Solotica has brought out a subtle line of shades to the most popular colours. This is where the wonderful look of Solotica Hidrocor Ocre has made its mark.

The special colour of Solotica Hidrocor Ocre

There’s a range of beautiful browns that give you everything from a smouldering, smoky look to a golden brown that is sweeter than honey.

Then there’s the earthy and warm glow of the light brown ochre – or as it is in Spanish, Ocre. This is the lightest and brightest of the browns that brings a dreamy look to your eyes and is always beguiling.

These are eyes that you’ll fall in love with. You can’t help but be bewitched.

The unique design has changed the way you see the eye because it has no dark or black outer ring to the iris. This gives the impression that the magical colour of Solotica Hidrocor Ocre lenses is the natural eye colour. 

That’s a look to die for.

Colour and Comfort

Having an amazing colour in your eyes is a gift. To be able to transform yourself with a simple pair of coloured contacts is something to treasure. 

When you choose Solotica coloured lenses, you know you’ll have coloured contacts that not only look fantastic but feel just as wonderful.

There are some coloured lenses out there that just don’t fit well and often people feel the discomfort of wearing them long after they have taken them out. It can even lead to eye problems and continued soreness, especially with low quality contacts.

It’s a good idea to avoid any lenses that could be cheap and nasty. Your eyes are too important to take any unnecessary chances.

The Solotica Hidrocor Quality

There are quality coloured contacts and then there’s the superior quality of Solotica lenses.

You can’t get a more trusted brand of coloured contacts than Solotica. Meeting the strict EU certification standards is hard enough but being awarded the special ISO 9001:2008 certification is something that gives anyone wearing Solotica lenses the ultimate in peace of mind. 

The outstanding look of Solotica Hidrocor is matched by its quality manufacture. Solotica offers you lenses that have;

  • A 14.2 mm diameter
  • An 8.7mm Base Curve 
  • Hydration of 38%
  • and made from 62% Polymacon – a special ingredient in quality soft contact lenses

This all means that you have a pair of the most comfortable and well-designed contacts around.

Getting the Solotica Wow Factor working for you

We all love a compliment every now and then.

It never hurts to wear something special and get the recognition for a well-made choice. That’s exactly what happens when you choose from the Solotica collection. 

It could be anything from;

As a world leader in the production of cutting edge technology and the latest in coloured contacts, you can have a world of inspiration from the Solotica Hidrocor selection. 

Where do you find the best of Solotica?

The answer is easy. All you need to do is Colour Your Eyes.

The Colour Your Eyes team is proud to bring you the best of Solotica Hidrocor for a look that gives a lasting impression and gives you the confidence to enjoy a special transformation. 

Today can be the day you make it happen. It’s all here waiting when you Colour Your Eyes.

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