Aqua blue eyes or aqua green eyes – what’s the difference?

Aqua blue eyes or aqua green eyes – what’s the difference?

February 25, 2021

How do you choose between aqua blue eyes and aqua green eyes?

When you’re looking for the best blue coloured lenses, it can be hard to remember the difference between aqua blue and aqua green.

On the old HSV colour wheel – it’s the one where the colours go from yellow to green, blue, pink, red to orange – it has aqua bang in the middle between blue and green.

So what? Or what does that even mean?

It is a pretty good guide that aqua blue eyes are closer to blue – let’s say blue-green in a 60/40 ratio whereas aqua green eyes are 60/40 closer to green.

It’s a 50/50 call which one you prefer when you’re looking at coloured contact lenses. The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds if you know the right place to go.

A few things to know about aqua blue eyes

You don’t have to worry too much what shade of aqua you want to go with. It all depends on how much a change in your eye colour you want. The only thing to remember is what aqua will work strongest on your natural colour.

Blue contacts and aqua blue coloured lenses can really transform your brown eyes. The contrast can be pretty amazing but keep in mind, the brighter the blue, the less subtle the change. That’s why aqua blue is popular with brown eyed beauties because it’s not so ‘in your face’.

If you have hazel eyes and you want a bit more impact in your look, go with an aqua eye lens. It will add a hint of blue where there is already your hazel green shade.

Suddenly, you can be sporting some awesome aqua blue eyes and even changing up your wardrobe choices too. Aqua blue conjures up pristine waters of the tropics and you’ll want to dive right in.

Getting seen in aqua green

If you have blue eyes and you’re looking for a subtle or even sensual change, then aqua green contacts could be a real eye opener for you.

With your natural blue becoming a greener tone, you can add some extra spark to your look. A great way to take things up a notch is to use aqua green.

With a pair of aqua green coloured lenses, you have a world of choice waiting for you. You can choose lenses in shades of;

  • Coral green
  • Sea green
  • Turquoise
  • Pacific Turquoise
  • and even Copacobana

There’s something pretty special about aqua green eyes and you can go with the tone that works best for you.

Which make-up goes with your aqua blue or aqua green lenses?

The other thing to keep on your radar is what make-up works best for your choice of aqua eye lens.

If you’ve gone with the choice of aqua blue lenses then your pick in the make-up stakes is orange, peach, gold or bronze undertones. These tints bring out the best in your aqua blue shade and can add a bit of magic to your style.

To pack some oomph to your wickedly wonderful aqua green eyes, it’s a great idea to use the hint of red to your make-up. Just as an example, an eyeshadow with some pink, coral or purple undertones in it can really make your eyes ‘pop’ in the best way.

Once you make up your mind which coloured contacts you want to try, then you can bring out the best of your eyes with the right make-up.

Getting the eye colour that you want

It’s great to know that you can pretty much choose whichever colour you want for your eyes these days. The only key thing to remember is to go for quality coloured contacts.

Whether it’s aqua blue, green, turquoise or the beautiful browns and gorgeous greens and greys you’re after, make sure you get top notch lenses.

That’s where Colour Your Eyes have you covered in all the best ways.

  1. Yes, you get an incredible selection to choose from.
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When you want your eyeballs to be amazeballs, there’s only one thing to know.

All you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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