Yellow Coloured Contact lenses for this Halloween!

September 27, 2013

So this Halloween you can go two ways with your look; the goody, angelic Disney character, or the scary, evil hated baddy. Well whichever way you choose to go, we here at MesmerEyez can help you complete your look. We have a wide range of Halloween contacts, different coloured contacts (e.g. red, orange, pink etc.) and many more! We also have a collection of yellow contact lenses, and today we shall go through some of the lenses which you may be interested in for your Halloween this year.

My number one favourite in our yellow contact lenses range has to be the daze contact lenses. These contact lenses are true to their word and really to put another person in a very crazy daze! These lenses would be perfect for Halloween and will work well with any outfit idea you may have in mind!

My second favourite are the wild fire contact lenses which make you look very tempered! These contact lenses would look great for maybe a vampire or devil look, for this Halloween!

Another one of my favourites is the Hypnotize Sclera contact lenses! Give Yourself a Horrifying look with these MesmerEyez Hypnotize full eye coloured lenses. These set of lenses are designed to cover your full eye and they are becoming really popular in the movie industry. The circular illusion design on the lens gives away a weird look that will confuse anyone.

The centre of these soft Sclera lenses is transparent allowing for the wearing to see through the centre. These Sclera Full Eye Coloured Contact Lenses are designed to fit most eyes although these full eye lenses, the visual effect produced is amazing. These sclera full eye contact lenses have no decreased or increased vision powers added to them making them non-prescription and suitable for all eyes, your vision will still be normal. 

These are just a few of our yellow coloured contact lenses! If you are interested be sure to check our collection out! We have many more you can pick from!

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