Coloured contact lenses for dark eyes!

Yesterday I shared with you 2 of my favorite coloured contact lenses from our ‘coloured contact lenses for light eyes’ collection. Today I am going to share with you two of my favorite coloured contact lenses from our ‘colored contact lenses for dark eyes collection’.

Here at MesmerEyez we sell a variety and a huge range of different coloured contact lenses, which can be used for many different types of occasions, for example parties, weddings and even daily use. Now, all of us being different individuals and having our own unique eye colour, the colored contact lenses would look different in everybody’s eyes. So, to help you choose the right coloured contact lenses, we have split all of our coloured contact into the ‘coloured contact lenses for light eyes’ and ‘coloured contact lenses for dark eyes’. Through these sections you will be able to find the coloured contact lenses that would mix well with your own eye colour and really make your eyes look amazing. Your job has been made a lot easier for you! Today we shall go through some of my personal favorite coloured contact lenses in the ‘contact lenses for dark eyes’ section.

So my first favorite has to be the light hazel coloured contact lenses. These coloured contact lenses will really make your eyes pop and stand out. These coloured contact lenses look very similar to Hillary Duffs’ eye colour. Just the coloured contact lenses on their own look very warm and welcoming, but with the right makeup your eyes will look sensational. So if you want this look then try our hazel coloured contact lenses!

My next favorite has to be our two blues coloured contact lenses. The combo of these two blues put together looks absolutely amazing! I have to admit, these blue coloured contact lenses are my favorite out of all the blue contacts we sell. They are unique and smart and they can also be very chic. Our two blues coloured contact lenses are somewhat similar to Cameron Diazs’ eye colour. Although they are not exactly the same, they will still look amazing. As I said before, they are very unique, so add that extra touch to your style by adding these coloured contact lenses to your look, to make yourself look like the one and only!

Remember all of our coloured contact lenses are comfortable, light and soft to wear and your eyes will feel hydrated and fresh all while you are wearing them! We have a huge range and diverse styles, so if you’re looking for some coloured contact lenses, definitely visit our site and you will find what you’re looking for.

Aqsa Mahmood
Aqsa Mahmood


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January 17, 2014

I tryed other colored contacts and they didnt last and not comptable to wear. Now your contacts are wonderful i wont buy from anyone else.thank u mesmerize

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