Fresh Minerals Eye Collection!

September 02, 2013

Today I plan to go through with you all, two makeup looks you can achieve through the use of our Fresh Minerals Eye Shadow Collection. The Fresh Minerals Eye Shadow Collection consists of 4 eye shadows, 4 different angled brushes and liquid eye-liner. Now the thing about this kit is that it consists of all the things you may need as starters, if you are a starter or, the must haves. With these four colours alone, and these tools, you can create a variety of different looks. This is what’s so great about the collection alone. Let us go through some looks together that you can replicate using this Fresh Minerals Eye Shadow Collection.

Let us start with the famous singer and song-writer Adele. Her makeup here looks very sophisticated and smart. So using the straight brush and the lightest cream eye shadow, what you want to do is take some of the product and place it all over the eye lid, but make it more concentrated on the inner corner of the eye. Then using the second lightest shade, place this in the middle of our eye lid. Using the 3rd colour you want to blend outwards, making a triangular shape as shown on Adeles’ eyes. Using the darkest, you want to blend this colour in the crease of your eye. You can then use the second lightest colour as your highlight if you wish. Using the liquid eye liner in the collection you want to apply your eyeliner like it is applied below, and you can also apply this eye liner on the outer corner of your bottom lash line. To complete the look, use the dark brown eye shadow and apply it on the lower lash line, to give that final boost to your eyes.

If you want to complete replicate the look, try our sky grey coloured contact lenses, and some of our false eye lashes. That, put together, will complete this look.

Next we shall look at Beyoncé’s’ make up which I absolutely love! This makeup really makes her eye colour stand out. To recreate this look, use the darkest brown eye shadow in the crease and the second darkest on the eye lid. You can use one of the lighter shades as a highlight and above your eye lid as done below. You can also use a lighter shade on the inner corner of your eye on the bottom lash line. With some liquid eye liner applied on your upper lid, your look will be complete. Pair this look with our coco brown contact lenses and your eye colour will really stand out.

All in all, our Fresh Minerals Eye collection is the one to have. If you know you want it, order it online on our MesmerEyez website.

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