Does Kim Kardashian wear coloured contact lenses?

June 04, 2013

Kim Kardashian is the 21st century Marilyn Monroe. She is famous for her love life as much as for her reality TV career, but most of all, she is famous for her Kurves (with a capital K!). People love to gossip about her looks, the endless topic of discussion being whether she has had any plastic surgery or not. Kim even went as far as X-raying her bum to show the public that she does not have any implants in there! Her perfectly symmetrical face has left people wondering whether it is possible to look like her without having anything done to her face. Kim, however, sticks to her story, saying that she has tried botox, but never gone under the knife.
Miss Kardashian is also famous for her amazing eyes and has unofficially trademarked long voluminous eyelashes that reach up to the sky. Not only does she have long upper lashes but she also has very long defined bottom lashes. Although Kim never admits to having anything done, the gossip says that Kim gets her eyelashes done with mink hair extensions. This would explain her unrealistically long lashes. Is this her secret to looking flawless at all times? What about Kim Kardashian’s eye colour; does she wear coloured contact lenses? In pictures of her with no make-up on, her brown eyes look darker than in other pictures. Is this an effect of make-up or does Kim like to wear contact lenses which make her eyes look brighter and bigger?  Take a look for yourselves.
 If Kim is wearing coloured contact lenses, we suggest her trying Platinum Indigo from the Infusionz range or Emerald Green from Blendz.
With her dark hair and complexion, she would look great with dark green or grey eyes. If you want Kim Kardashian’s chocolate browneyes, try Golden Brown from Natural Blendz
         Kim with long lashes and chocolate brown eyes                     Kim with no make-up on and darker eyes                     

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