5 Great Reasons To Wear Coloured Contact Lenses

5 Great Reasons To Wear Coloured Contact Lenses

November 30, 2019

Why the demand for coloured contact lenses keeps growing

It’s no real surprise that more and more people are looking to change their appearance.

Now everyone has the chance to change their eye colour with a pair of quality coloured contact lenses

There’s a growing market for coloured contacts and a growing need for new colours and shades.

Here’s a few tips on why the popularity of coloured contact lenses is going from strength to strength and how to get your hands on a pair of the best quality coloured contacts.

The Five top reasons for wearing coloured contact lenses

There’s more reasons than ever to get a pair or two (or three or more) of coloured contacts.

Here’s the top of the list;

  1. The Fun factor
  2. The Party look
  3. A fresh new appearance
  4. Special occasions
  5. Feeling bored

First off, there is nothing strange about coloured contacts.

It’s important to remember that you will not be changing your eye colour permanently. You have the choice of 1 day, 1 month, 3 months or 12 month lenses.

Proper quality coloured contact lenses won’t affect your vision at all – so you won’t need a prescription. Coloured contacts are sometimes called ‘costume lenses’ so it works much like a costume outfit – you wear them and then take them off (or out in this case).

All pretty straight forward so far.

Fun to have a stunning look

Everyone is looking for a bit of fun in their lives. That’s where wearing a pair of coloured contacts can add some spark and enjoyment.

You want to dress up and have a good time. Now you can dress up your eyes. All it takes is a pair of new coloured contacts and you have a mini make-over going on.

You can play with the colour choice and switch to different colours depending on your mood.

Suddenly, the brown or blue eyed you walks into work with a stunning pair of green or grey eyes – there’s a fair bit of fun to be had with the stunned looks you’ll get or just watching people try to work out what exactly has changed about you.

You can even try it out with family and friends to see their reaction and only you’ll know the secret to your trick.

Look out Party goers

This is where coloured contact lenses really come into their own.

You’re heading out to a dress-up or costume party and you want to look great. The actual outfit is one thing but the hair and make-up are important too. Then comes the icing on the cake – that’s coloured contacts.

You can go wild and wacky and really make a splash with a pair of kooky, spooky or jaw-dropping pair of coloured contacts. Having trouble thinking of what to wear? Start with the eyes and watch your imagination start firing.

Oh and Halloween parties are the perfect place to go crazy. You can look freakin’ amazing with the right pair of Halloween lenses.

There’s everything from Vampires to Zombies, Devil lenses to Bloodshot Drops and more.

A Fresh Start with a New Look

Sometimes we all need to freshen up our world. It could be taking up a new hobby, a new way of arranging a room or a new way of looking at life.

A great way to get a fresh look at yourself is to see a new you looking back at you. It can all happen with just a pair of coloured contacts.

They don’t cost as much as a new dress or suit or even a new hairstyle.

Looking Special

When it comes to a special occasion, you can look extra special. With a new pair of coloured contact lenses, you have a special quality about you for the big day or night. 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to wow people at an event or a festival. Maybe it’s your ticket to blowing people away on your birthday.

Here’s your big chance to break out of the ‘boring’ look and the ‘same old you’ that you’re getting frustrated seeing in the mirror. A new eye colour could be just what you need to get your special spark back.

One more reason to love coloured contact lenses

The great thing about coloured contacts is they are so easy to look after. When you buy a pair or two of Colour Your Eyes coloured contact lenses, all you need is a care solution kit and you will have the a great set of eyes all set and ready to go. 

A quality pair of lenses can invigorate your senses.

A hot new look can be yours when you Colour Your Eyes

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