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White Sclera Contact Lenses

Looking for a party look that defies the senses? – Then you’re talking 22mm White Sclera lenses

Whatever you’re thinking of wearing for Halloween or a freaky fancy dress party, remember this – it’ll be more than alright in Halloween White Sclera lenses.

You want a chic-hot look that will blow people away? These are your ticket to mind-blowing magic.

There’s freaky and then there’s these frighteningly fabulous coloured contacts. It’s a whole other worldly look when you have a pair of wicked White Sclera lenses working for you.

Where can you get your hot little hands on this freaking awesome look?

What’s the best place to buy white Sclera lenses online?

Don’t worry, you’re already here.

Colour Your Eyes has a whole range of unbelievably, freakily good coloured contacts that include 22mm white Sclera lenses.

Be the hit of the party in Halloween 22mm white Sclera Lenses

Not everyone knows what it is about Sclera coloured lenses that are so damn freaky.

First up, Sclera is the white part of your eye – that sets off your coloured pupil.

What happens when that white part takes up the WHOLE eye?

You got it! That is one hell of a freak-out factor. Anyone who sees the complete change that comes with Halloween 22mm White Sclera lenses is going to scream or run for the door.

It’s enough to give anybody the chills and you’ll have the coolest look for Halloween or a fancy dress ready whenever you need to get your freak on.

The buzz about Sclera lenses is getting louder

The hunger for coloured contacts grows every year. So does the thirst for something that’s unique and out of this world.

Hello Halloween White Sclera lenses!

It’s no surprise that more and more party-goers are looking to buy white Sclera lenses online these days.

The trick is to get quality Sclera lenses, not just any old, cheap and nasty pair – we’re talking EU quality certified and UK Made.

That’s where the amazing MesmerEyez Halloween 22mm White Sclera lenses come into it. They give you the best of the best in a look that screams Best Dressed for any fancy dress.

Putting the Wow into the Wow Factor

Here’s a couple of handy tips for wearing Halloween White Sclera lenses:

  • Follow the care instructions so you get the most out of your freakily good contacts
  • Use them to take your Halloween or Fancy Dress outfit up a notch
  • Remember that they’re suitable for both dark and light coloured eyes
  • Don’t forget that they’re designed to fit most eyes
  • You can pick up a great pair in 1 Month, 3 Month and Yearly varieties
  • Don’t wear them to a job interview or on your first date (unless you’re dating a zombie)

With a pair of Halloween 22mm White Sclera Lenses, you’ll be the talk of the party.

You’ll be hearing thing like – “Who’s that with the freaky eyes?” “Where did they get those amazing lenses?” “Wish I could ask how I can get myself a pair”. If you don’t want attention, then these are definitely not the coloured contacts for you.

A killer look for Halloween

There’s no need to look here, there and everywhere when you want to buy White Sclera Lenses online?

The only place to remember is Colour Your Eyes.

Talk about a fantabulous look and packed with full shock value. The best part is you get real value for money too with these top quality lenses. These are the hit Halloween White Sclera lenses that give you an unbelievable look at an unbeatable price.

Get your set today and you’re set to rock the next fancy dress in style.

The freakiest fancy dress lenses are all yours - online, anytime.

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