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White Contact Lenses

Blind Vampire Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Blind Virus Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Blind Afterlife Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Cock Eyed Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Pokemon Pokeball Blind Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Jaws Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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White Demon Colour Contact LensesSold Out
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XtremeEyez White Contacts for a costume outfit. All theses wholesale lenses contain white which overlays the natural base to create a scary look. Suitable for dark and light eyes. Available in 1 day, 1 Month, 3 Months and 12 Month Disposable. Contact Lens also comes with contact lens solution and lens case for free. 


Go the full Freak Out with White Out lenses

Whether it’s Halloween or any other dress-up occasion, there’s nothing like scaring the pants off everyone when you’re wearing a pair of White Out Halloween contacts.

These lenses are not for the faint hearted. With White Out lenses in, you’re in for one hell of a party and a hell of a lot of fun.

Everyone is going to step back and make room for the wickedly bewitching look that you have wearing these little wonders.

Going white with fright

Get ready for a whole range of strange reactions when you put in your set of White Out Halloween contacts. There could be a shriek, a scream or even a run for the door because these coloured contacts have something seriously spooky about them.

“Wow!” “Omigod!” and almost any other cry of amazement will be following you as soon as you walk in with you White Out lenses in.

Don’t be surprised by all the freak-outs you cause. Remember, you’re wearing something that’s out of this world.

A haunting Halloween look

It’s almost like you’ve got a look of the possessed. You’ll be blessed with a long list of compliments for just how beautifully freaky you look.

White Out Halloween contacts can turn a So-So outfit into something super special.

Thinking of going as a Ghost, a Ghoul or a Snow Beast or Vampire? Pop in a pair of White Out lenses and you’ll be the hit of the party.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t look like anyone else at the party.

Why White Out lenses are a stand out

The mix of fright and delight is what makes White Out Halloween contacts so special.

You might give your own heart a little shock the first time you look in the mirror. These lenses are seriously freaky and seriously good fun.

Thinking that White Out lenses might be a bit too much for you?

Remember, Colour Your Eyes has an amazing range of Halloween and coloured contacts to choose from.

You can get the best of the best in everything from Lavender to Bloody Red, you could even go as a Wild Cat or a cheeky Devil. You’re spoilt for choice with all the quality Halloween lenses at Colour Your Eyes.

They’re all here waiting for you!

The perfect party or Halloween look is yours when you Colour Your Eyes.