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Violet Contact Lenses

Vitality in one great pair of coloured contacts – That’s Violet contact lenses!

If only there was one pair of coloured lenses that was a guaranteed ticket to getting noticed – say Hi to the magic of Violet contact lenses.

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Talk about stunning. Talk about mind-blowingly great. You’ll tell yourself that you have found the perfect pair of lenses when you see those eyes looking back at you.

Because you have and you will look nothing short of sensational.

Ow! It hurts to look so damn good.

Deep in mystery and full on for fun

There’s a special feeling about feeling your best. That’s the power of Violet eye contact lenses.

These are the shades of colour that make such a splash wherever and whenever you wear them.

The deep and delicious tints are something that you wish you could dive into. It’s not just mesmerising, it’s straight out hypnotic.

There’s no point wearing these little wonders if you ever want to go unnoticed. This is whiplash attention where heads are turning so fast that everyone is wondering or asking each other who that is with those entrancing eyes.

It’s like you have a certain witchery to your look that draws everybody into your world. That’s where captivating goes to a whole new level in a pair of violet contact lenses from Colour Your Eyes.

Make more than an impression

When you want to stand out from the crowd or make a lasting impression at an event or party, you can’t go wrong with violet contact lenses.

Just seeing those eyes shining back at you in the mirror will be all you need to know you’re on the right track to a winning look. You can play it coy at a dinner party or come straight out with your knockout style at whatever party is coming up next.

The different shades can make all the difference to a new outfit or a new outlook on life. Need a little more vim and vigour in your world? Well, Violet eye contact lenses are the answer.

Spoilt for the best choices

The fantastic thing about Colour Your Eyes lenses means you have a wide range of choices available so you’ll find the perfect pair of violet contact lenses to suit your style and your mood.

You could even use them for a fancy dress outfit or as one of the freakily fantastic Halloween contacts.

Forget those days of being bored with the way you look – these exciting shades and tints are all waiting for you.

There’s everything from Violet and Violet green contact lenses to Pure Violet or Platinum Indigo, Lavender and Mystery Violet.

No-one is going to forget seeing your eyes when they turn your way. You won’t just be the life of the party, you’ll be the talk of the town. There’s only one violet you won’t be – a shrinking one.

Isn’t it time you made a move to making more of an entrance when you head somewhere?

A great way to make your day (or night)

There’s no need to second guess yourself – with a new pair of violet contact lenses from Colour Your Eyes you are the first thing people will notice.

Here’s your chance to have some fun and feel great with a superb set of coloured lenses from the leading name in a world of wonderful coloured contacts.

Don’t settle for anything but the best - and the best are all here waiting - online, anytime.

Remember that a memorable look can start today when you Colour Your Eyes.