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Yellow Twilight Contact Lenses

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It doesn’t matter what anyone says, there’s something special about Twilight and they’re here to stay.

It’s no big surprise that twilight contact lenses are still big sellers right around the world. Everyone loves a vampire and they don’t come better than Edward and Bella.

When you’re ready to vamp it up and get yourself kitted out in a killer costume, there’s one thing that makes all the difference to your outfit. That’s the wicked styling of twilight contacts.

Any vampire or ghostly fancy dress look just goes through the roof with these little wonders working their magic for you. These are the Must Haves when you’re going freaky in your dress up.

Blood curdling contacts

If you want to show that you mean business with your Fancy Dress, Cosplay or Halloween outfit, then you need to get yourself some of the amazing coloured contacts from Colour Your Eyes.

The great thing is that there’s not just one great pair of twilight contact lenses. You can choose from a chilling collection of super cool contacts that will make sure you get heads turning your way.

With a full array of twilight eye contacts at the ready, you can be set for an unbelievably awesome outfit that steals all the limelight.

The styles and looks include:

  • Twilight Bella (a sensual and captivating style)
  • Twilight Volturi Vampire (gives you a fire in your vampire gaze)
  • Twilight Breaking Dawn (that will break hearts, they’re that good!)
  • And a whole selection of Blind lenses to look like you’re from another world or planet

The list goes on and the only problem is trying to decide which pair will work best for you. The good news is that you won’t have to stop at just one or two. Get a whole set of fantastic twilight contacts and you’ll be set for whatever dress up event you’re invited to.

Haunting lenses have a new name

This range gives you the ultimate in quality twilight contact lenses at your disposal. You can go from normal, everyday you and transform into a creature from the underworld in next to no time.

The beauty of these beauties is that you can use them for inspiration if ever you’re stuck for what to wear at your fancy dress affair.

You can suddenly see yourself as a Wolf, Alien or something from the After Life. Pop in a pair and see where the mood and the magic takes you. It’s the perfect way to get inspired and see the fun of just how many people you can freak out.

The stunning looks will haunt people for months to come. Isn’t it great to have such a special secret ingredient giving you the power of awesomeness. There’s almost no end to what twilight contacts can do for you.

Defy the senses

To stand out from everyone else, you need something extraordinary. That’s where twilight contact lenses come into the equation.

Imagine heading to a party and stepping through the door then the conversation drops. Everyone turns to see who has just walked in – it’s you in your fantastic outfit.

What’s the thing you have that is drawing all the attention? It’s not just your clothes or hair, it’s those eyes that everyone is captured by.

It could almost seem like the lighting is all set on you. All the talk and even envy will be focussed on you. You’ll hear whispers like “Must’ve seen a professional make-up artist”, “Spent hours and hours to look that good” and then just “Wow!” and “Looks amazing”.

With a simple set of twilight eye contacts in, you’re in for a great time for all the right reasons.

Shine bright in Twilight contacts

Get your new set of twilight contact lenses and you’re ready to rock the world.

These are top quality coloured contacts. We’re talking made in the UK and certified full European quality too.

You can’t beat Colour Your Eyes for the best in coloured lenses. Take your new look to a whole new level whenever you want.

The great range is right here waiting for you!

Ready to look sensational? All you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.