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Solotica Hidrocor Monthly Contact Lenses

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Extreme comfortable color contact lenses in five options based on the traditional Hidrocor yearly colors. Now available for monthly planned replacement.

Why Solotica Hidrocor lenses are the tops in coloured contacts

For the best in coloured contact lenses you can’t beat the selection from Solotica.

With a choice of amazing contacts, it’s no wonder that these are the lenses for those in the know. 

With Solotica Hidrocor UK party people know that they have the perfect mix of quality and cool.

Dressing up to have a hell of a good time is heavenly in Solotica Hidrocor lenses.

The Solotica Hidrocor Quality

When it comes to the world of coloured contact lenses, it’s the name to remember. This is one of the world’s most respected brands for so many reasons. 

It’s not exactly news to learn that this range is all the rage. With the magic lenses of Solotica Hidrocor, UK festival and fashion fanatics have an edge on a great look. It’s a magic look that’s hard to match.

It’s no surprise that Solotica is the ‘go to’ brand in monthly contact lenses. 

The brand has been perfecting their coloured contacts for over 60 years. It’s no wonder that Solotica is such a trusted brand. Being awarded the special ISO 9001:2008 certification was a milestone that was backed by meeting the strictest EU certification standards. It’s no surprise that the Hidrocor range is the perfect mix of style and quality.

Say Hi to Hidrocor

With Solotica Hidrocor lenses you have one of the most natural looking coloured contacts around. The captivating contacts have no darker circle of colour (or limbal ring) around the iris. This means you can wear a set of the most stunning lenses to your next party or special occasion and you’ll look a million dollars.

There’s some seriously great colours to sample so you can see the difference these lenses can make to your overall look and even boost your confidence.

There are so many ways to make more of your new colouring. You’ll want to wear your Solotica Hidrocor wonders wherever you go.

Word around town

The great thing about coloured contacts is that word-of-mouth means more than anything. 

In a pair of lenses from the range at Solotica Hidrocor UK, Europe or US wearers know they get extra attention and huge compliments for their eye colour. The colours are from one of the world’s best brands of coloured contacts. 

The word is spreading across the globe about the transformation that anyone can get with a simple set of Hidrocor lenses. 

It’s all about the comfort, confidence and satisfaction of the person wearing the coloured contacts that matters.

That’s where Colour Your Eyes is proud to offer the best of Solotica Hidrocor as well as MesmerEyez and other top brands. You’ll always find what you’re looking for and get a look that’s ‘to die for’. 

An amazing look can start today when you Colour Your Eyes.