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1 Year Red Contact Lenses

Assasin Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Berzerker Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Blood Splat Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Bloodshot Drops Colour Contact Lenses
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Bloody Red Contact Lenses Colour Contact Lenses
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Crack Head Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Crazy Daisy Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Devil Colour Contact Lenses
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Red Coloured Costume Contact Lenses, are you looking to stand out this Halloween? Maybe you should dress like a vampire or zombie with these red coloured Halloween contact. Make an impression, scare people till the kak themselves!

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Fire up in Red Contact Lenses
Getting a pair of red contact lenses is like striking a match – you’re playing with fire.

You can go from being just another one in the crowd to suddenly a red hot wonder.

This is one sure fire way to make a huge difference to your appearance. You can have a stunning look all your own when you transform your eyes into a stunning – even shocking – shade of red.

There’s something truly extraordinary about red contact lenses. It shows with special styles, like; 

Blind Red

Red Mesh

Red Devil

Dead Red

Bloody Red and more

They’re all bloody great red contacts that show your passion and your sense of fun and adventure.

These lenses are not for the faint hearted. You’ve got to know that you’re going to get plenty of heads turning your way and a heap of special attention.

Red hot and ready
Pop in a pair of fiery red contact lenses and watch how you are transformed. No more shy little kitten. You’re ready to be a wildcat with a real wild side. We all have one, so let yours free!

You can get set for a great night out with your new set of wicked red contacts in. This is your chance to look like you’ve stepped off a film set. There’s plenty of character to add to your personality with a simple pair of great red lenses.

Choose from sultry and seductive to freaky or a little crazy. No wonder everybody’s going mad for these fantastic options. There’s something for everyone and a special way to impress anyone.

Dress up and fire up
We all love a costume party or dress up occasion.

Here’s your chance to make it count. 

Any outfit is going to shoot straight to the top of the Best Dressed list when you’re wearing a pair of red contact lenses.

Thinking of a devilish outfit? Then get those devil lenses working for you.

Going as something a little freaky? How does a pair of Blood Splat lenses sound?

If it’s a killer vampire look you’re after, then sink your teeth into a pair of Red Vampire wonders.

The great thing is you can choose a pair that will rock your night or ones that last a month, three months or up to a year.

That’s a hell of a lot of fun to be had and it’s all just a click of the mouse away.

Red alert 
The wide selection of red contact lenses from Colour Your Eyes is simply superb.

You can be almost anything in these coloured contacts. Talk about making yourself a hit at Halloween or just rocking a festival or event. That’s where wearing the right set of red contact lenses makes all the difference.

All you have to do is try to choose which of these amazing sets of lenses works best for you. That’s not an easy job at all.

The great thing about colouring your eyes with Colour Your Eyes lenses is that you always know you’re getting the best of the best lenses around.

The quality is second to none and no-one. All the range is EU approved and specially certified, meaning you have more than comfortable lenses, you have a pair of fully approved contacts from one of the strictest quality testing bodies around.

Get your set happening now and you’ll be red hot and ready for any costume party, dress-up or special occasion with a pair (or even two or three) of red contact lenses.

Time for a fun change? It’s easy when you Colour Your Eyes.