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Red Sclera Lenses


There’s a killer look that is full on freaky fun for everyone – that’s 22mm Red Sclera lenses

When it comes to finding the freak out factor, it gets harder all the time.

The range of strange and spooky coloured contacts grows almost by the day. There’s one look that takes the breath away and that’s the jaw-dropping look of 22mm Red Sclera lenses.

These are the lenses that blow the mind and throw your head in a spin – even if you’re the one wearing them! Seriously chockablock with the shock element. You’ll have to catch your breath when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror wearing these deadly wonders.

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What’s special about Halloween 22mm Red Sclera Lenses?

In case you don’t know, the whole thing about Sclera lenses is the way they cover the WHOLE eye. Now, that’s going to be freaky for a start, but then you add in the deadly Red colour and you have a look that can scare the hell out of anyone.

With the full 22mm Red Sclera lenses in, you’re out to freak out everyone you meet at a fancy dress or Halloween party.

Forget the ghostly look of all white eyes and take it up a notch with the fiery red of someone who is possessed or straight from the underworld. Brrrrrhhhh! You get shivers just thinking about them.

The best things about Sclera lenses

There’s a pretty long list of the good things people have to say about Sclera lenses, but here’s just a few:

They have a powerful look

They turn any Halloween or Fancy Dress outfit into something special

They’re suitable for both dark and light coloured eyes

Designed to fit most eyes

You can pick up a great pair in 1 Month, 3 Month and Yearly varieties

You will have a sensational look that can be the inspiration for a whole host of outfits

With a pair of Halloween 22mm Red Sclera Lenses working for you, it’s pretty much guaranteed that everyone will be talking about you and how you have the freakiest of all the freak-out outfits.

A couple of tips for wearing 22mm Red Sclera lenses

You probably know not to wear coloured contact lenses all day. Pretty much common sense, really.

Don’t drive when you’re wearing your new 22mm Red Sclera lenses as they might affect your vision and they will scare the tyres off other drivers. Oh, and remember to keep them packed up in a proper case in a sterile solution and your 12 month lenses will happily last the whole year.

That’s Halloween, Xmas and New Year’s parties covered and any other fancy dress events where you can scare the bejangles out of other party guests.

That’s a lot of freaky fun that you can have. These lenses are your ticket to the ultimate shock value.

The top of the range lenses for a top Halloween look

Wondering where to buy 22mm Red Sclera Lenses online?

The best place is Colour Your Eyes.

You get a striking effect with the MesmerEyez 22mm Red Sclera Contacts because these are the full eye coloured lenses that are popular throughout the film and TV industry. The middle of these soft Sclera lenses is transparent, allowing you to see through the centre. The overall visual effect is a heart-stopper.

The great thing is these amazing looking lenses are top quality too. You’re getting EU quality certified lenses that give you an unbelievable look at an unbeatable price.

Try a pair of Bloody Red or Dielated Sclera lenses and see what the fuss is all about.

You can buy 22mm Red Sclera Lenses online, anytime.

For a killer look like no other, all you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.