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Mad Contact Lenses

White Out Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Bloody Red Contact Lenses Colour Contact Lenses
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Black Out Colour Contact Lenses
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Manson Colour Contact Lenses
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Lavender Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Wild Cat Colour Contact Lenses
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Devil Colour Contact Lenses
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Bloodshot Drops Colour Contact Lenses
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Dead Red Colour Contact Lenses
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Whenever you want to get a look that’s really ‘out there’, ‘full on crazy’ or just ‘mental’ – you can’t go past a pair of Mad contact lenses.

These are the coloured contacts that take fancy dress, Halloween and every other party in between to a whole new level. Want to look amazing with an outrageous set of eyes? Then get a set of Crazy contact lenses and get noticed.

One look at you in your crazy new look and everyone is going to remember you.

How freaky can you get?

The answer is, pretty damn freaky! Just take a second and have a read of these special offerings in the mad contact lenses range. You can see why they spark the imagination. Just wait till you try a pair or two for yourself and you’ll be looking at one freaky funker in the mirror.

The list of kooky and crazy eye contacts includes:

  • Red or White Mesh (Did we say Mesh? That’s a big fat Yes)
  • Black Out or Dead White (for the ultimate freak out and frightfully fantastic look)
  • Snake/Alien eyes (weirdly wonderful reptile style)
  • Or go Corruption, Crack Head or Haemorrhage (bloody fantastic fancy dressing there)

Plus there’s a whole mix of sensational Sclera and Blind lenses to choose from. Talk about spoiled for choice! There’s no excuse not to look supernatural and shockingly good with a collection like this all at your fingertips.

A million dollar look

When you’re inviting to a Halloween, Fancy Dress or Cosplay party, you’ve gotta look as good as you can.  Nothing – and we mean NOTHING – can make a costume or outfit as memorable as a pair of coloured contact lenses.

When you want to go just that one step further with your party look, go with a pair of mad contact lenses.

These are the contacts that put you in a league of your own. There’s a long list of jaw-dropping styles that will ensure that you look like someone who has just stepped off a film set.

Everyone else will be thinking you’ve enlisted the help of some professional make-up artist and paid through the nose to look so damn delightfully disturbing.

The great thing is – you haven’t had to spend hundreds to look a million dollars. These little wonders can make for a wonderful transformation and all at a great discounted price.

The feature of a different creature is all yours

Ready to make a big entrance at your next party?

The best ticket is to go with a set of crazy contact lenses.

You can be something from another world or some creature from the underworld. Whatever freaky features your costume character has are going to be all the more striking with a pair of new crazy eye contacts in.

Just picture it – three or four party-goers are dressed up as a zombie or vampire. It happens almost all the time.

Only one of those zombies or vampires (or whatever kooky creature there is) are wearing a full-on freaky pair of crazy contact lenses.

All black or complete white out! Bloodshot eyes! WTF?

Who do you think is going to stand out from the crowd best?

That’s the power of having a pair or two of the best crazy contacts in your hot little hands.

The most wicked of all Wow Factors

Crazy contact lenses are your best friend in the freakout world.

You should never go with a half-hearted costume or fancy dress outfit. It always looks like you didn’t try, didn’t care or just gave up half way through.

The magical thing about mad contact lenses is you will look like you’ve gone to an unbelievable effort with your costume, just because everyone is struck dumb by those amazing eyes of yours.

You can pick a freaky style just 1 Day or Night, 1 Month, 3 Months or go crazy for a whole Year. 

The quality of the freak-out factor is matched by the quality of these amazing crazy contacts.

Every single pair of our crazy contact lenses are from the top brands. That’s UK made and full EU quality certification we’re talking about.

This special collection from Colour Your Eyes will blow you and everyone else away.

The great part is, they’re all here and ready to go! That’s online, anytime.

For a fantastic fancy dress look, all you need to do is Colour Your Eyes.