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Regents Green

A sumputous blend of class and mystery. The multi tonal pattern of gorgeous green tones overlays your natural eyes for a look that is irresistible.

New and exclusive to us, The London Collection by The U.Ks Number 1 coloured contact lens brand. As seen in London Fashion Week and Vogue. 


"Fast delivery contact colors that I've purchased looks exactly like the pictures on their website love the prices too, great deals"

Get yourself a pair of the Regents Green contact lenses UK trendsetters love

The world of coloured contact lenses just got a whole lot better with the addition of these amazing Regents Green contacts. Theres green and then theres Regents Green.

Theres something almost supernatural about the power of green eyes. It captures a sense of Mother Nature but takes the colour of green to a whole new level. These are the coloured contacts that take peoples breath away.

Youre going to love all the extra attention that youre going to get when you wear your set of these magic contacts.

Stealing the Limelight in the best way

You can be the centre of attention with a pair of the Regents Green contact lenses UK partygoers are going mad for.

Imagine yourself in a whole new light, well heres your ticket to a great new look.

Why are they so popular? 

Regents Green is the perfect mix of classy and mysterious.

Everyone will want to know who you are and if theyve seen you before.

Have you been in a film? Did I see you on TV? Are you famous?

Thats the sort of question coming your way in these little green wonders €œ and youll love it!

Green with Envy

The first time you catch yourself in the mirror wearing your new Regents Green contact lenses, you will probably take you a minute or two to remember that the shimmering green eyes are yours.

These are the coloured contacts that really make an impact. If youre super shy or you dont like much attention then Regents Green contacts are not for you.

This is a deep and hypnotic green that will turn heads and have a few people looking at your green eyes with their own green of envy. 

Youll need to cut others a bit of slack because they could be lost for words or just stop dead in their tracks and stare at you. 

Whether its a party, a gig, a festival or a special occasion, you need to be careful you dont steal the show in your Regents Green lenses.

The Power of Coloured Contacts

Coloured contact lenses just go from strength to strength thanks to the incredible range from Colour Your Eyes. The selection is top notch and the looks are dead set gorgeous.

The amazing array of colours and shades gives you a world of inspiration and imagination.

Theres more than the delightful Regents Green, try these options for a transformation;

When you choose Colour Your Eyes lenses, you always know youre getting the top quality contacts that feature in the pages of London Fashion Week and Vogue.  

You can make the colour change youve always dreamed of with help from the best lenses around. 

Whether its blue, brown, grey or green or maybe something super special for Halloween, you now have the chance to make a huge splash with the right colour for you.

Its all right here and waiting for you.

Ready to make your mark in the world? It can happen today when you Colour Your Eyes.

  • Sold as a pair, and will last either 1 day, 1 Month, 3 Month or 1 Year.
  • Wear for maximum of 8 hours
  • 45% water content
  • Lens diameter: Approx. 14mm
  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline
  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive
  • European CE marked
  • UK Brand

Note: All MesmerEyez lenses come in pairs. Remember, our lenses DO NOT come with a case or solution. For 1 Month, 3 Month and 1 Year, you will need a case and solution to maintain your lenses. You will also need to soak them before your first use. You can buy these online from our website

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