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eye-blue Brown Coloured Contact Lenses

Just imagine the deep and mysterious shades of brown you can now choose for your eyes.

You have a whole new future ahead of you with an awesome pair of brown coloured contact lenses from Colour Your Eyes.

Make Your Blue Eyes Brown

You can be forgiven for being a little bored of your same old blue eyes looking back at you.

Give yourself a little make-over magic with a new set of brown contact lenses.

And Yes! It’s that easy.

Those pale eyes – you might even think they’re stale eyes – can be transformed with a whole range of brown coloured contact lenses to choose from. The possibilities are almost endless – the effect is simply amazing.

The best Brown Contact Lenses to stun the senses

Think you could use an extra touch of sweetness, head around town in Honey brown contact lenses.

Want to add a little spice to your life, you can in Chocolate Chai contacts.

Maybe there’s that special side of your personality that you want to show. You can let the smoulder in Caramel Tea contacts or add a touch of class in Kensington Cream.

Whatever way you go, you’ll always know that with Colour Your Eyes lenses in, you’re heading out with the ‘out and out’ best contact lenses going around.

A look that melts like chocolate

No other colour can melt your heart like a smouldering brown can. It’s warm and soothing and even and, dare we say, a little extra sexy.

The Colour Your Eyes range of brown contact lenses are truly cutting-edge, with innovative coloured contacts feature a star burst design. People will be bursting to know where you got that incredible look from. The story behind the magic is the special starburst outer ring that creates glamorous eyes that are deceptively larger and more intriguing.

Take one of the choices in brown coloured contact lenses for a test drive the next time you’re getting ready to head out. It’s the perfect way to make a real splash wherever you’re going.  

  • Get the OMG effect at the next occasion
  • Make that special event all the more special
  • Get a fancy look for a fancy dress outfit
  • Make a real night of it on your next Night Out

It can be subtle or a bit bolder. You can sizzle or you can smoulder. It’s all up to you and your new brown contact lenses from Colour Your Eyes.

A Brown to really Wow

You have the chance to get that all-important Wow factor with your new pair of brown coloured contact lenses.

Match the shade to suit your style – it’s that easy.

Your new dark brown eyes will give you a certain mystery and mystique. With light brown eyes, you could be shooting cheeky looks whenever you want to. Then there’s those honey brown contact lenses that will have people wanting to know more about you.

It’s all here and it can all happen now with the best brown contact lenses from Colour Your Eyes.

Remember, there’s even more than the beautiful browns to choose from. There’s blue and green and everything in between. You can even go all out for a fancy dress and Halloween.

Make more of tomorrow with your new look today.

They’re right here waiting whenever you want them - 24/7.

Colour Your Eyes and see a new you shining through.