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Black 22mm sclera

Turn your eyes into a head turning, freaky look with 22mm Black Sclera lenses

It’s all in the eyes and that’s the same story for any Halloween or Fancy Dress outfit. That’s why when you have the best in freaky lenses on your side, you are a step ahead of the crowd.

That’s exactly what you get with a pair of Halloween 22mm Black Sclera Lenses. Black – that’s all black – never look back eyes that are 100% Freak Out winners!

These are the lenses that scare the wits out of people.

All you need is one pair of 22mm Black Sclera lenses and you will be the hit of any Fancy Dress party.

Halloween 22mm Black Sclera Lenses give you one Hell of a great look

Ever thought about how good you could look for Halloween or a fancy dress if you only had the right coloured contacts in? Well, your prayers have been answered.

With just a simple pair of quality 22mm Black Sclera lenses, you can take the freak-out factor to a whole new level of wickedness.

These are the Halloween lenses that don’t push the scare-meter to 100, they shoot it up to 1000!

You will hear screams and shrieks, see people jump and even run, but you will have one hell of a good time with the fun of it all. Talk about being the life of the party with a deadly look, these are the lenses that look crazily amazing.

The weird and wonderful thing about Sclera lenses

There’s so much to love about Sclera lenses, but here’s the top 5 for you to remember.

  1. The freaky thing is that Sclera lenses cover all the white of your eye (the Sclera part – hello!)
  2. You will look freakily fantastic, no matter what you wear (but wear something good)
  3. A pair of 22mm Black Sclera lenses adds extra shock value to any scary outfit
  4. You can wear them whatever your eye colour (dark or light)
  5. You can pick up a pair in choice of 1 Month, 3 Month or Yearly

Now you know why there’s such a rush to buy 22mm Black Sclera lenses online.

Almost everyone who loves to have some fun freaking people out is wanting to get their hands on these wicked wonders.

Try a pair for yourself and Be Warned – you will freak yourself out when you see those jet black eyes looking back at you in the reflection.

Handy Tip – go to the toilet BEFORE you see yourself the first time in 22mm Black Sclera lenses, or get a towel handy. Just saying!

How to wear your new Black Sclera lenses

The best time to wear your new Halloween 22mm Black Sclera Lenses is when you visit your Granny. We’re joking!!

Don’t do that – ever – but it does make it clear that you need to be careful when and where you wear your 22mm Black Sclera Lenses.

  • YES at a fancy dress or Halloween party
  • NO visiting the elderly or people with heart problems
  • YES when you know it’s a full-on fancy dress and freaky outfits are okay to wear
  • NO at a kids dress-up or a family-friendly occasion
  • YES if you’re going to the party with friends
  • NO if you’re getting a taxi by yourself

You owe it to everyone else to know that you have some powerful magic in your look whenever you’re wearing Halloween 22mm Black Sclera Lenses. Use it for creating a great party atmosphere and not for bringing on nightmares.

With a great Halloween look comes great responsibility – or some freakin’ wise words like that.

Where do you buy 22mm Black Sclera lenses online and get the best of the best?

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