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One day you dream of having a magic look and then you find the magic of one day contact lenses

We’ve all been there. You’re wondering when and how you can make a change to your look that will give you a little inspiration and an extra spark.

You can sit there thinking “One day, I’ll dye my hair” or “One day I’ll change my whole wardrobe” but you’ve probably thought you could change the colour of your eyes.

That one day is now.

The beauty of one day coloured contact lenses is the way they change your eyes and your whole look. It could be that you feel a change to the way you feel too. 

There can be a small boost to your spirits or a huge lift to your confidence. Having that added zing is a beautiful thing.

The Wonders of One Day Contact Lenses

One of the great things about one day contact lenses is the variety.

So what? Well, even the most pessimistic prat can be transformed if they open their mind of a moment. Trying a pair of coloured contacts may be a little tricky for some people to get their head around but the great thing about the change is you have it for just one day.

That means you can try a different colour or shade depending on your mood and where it takes you.

There’s one other great thing to remember – you can make a subtle change to your natural eye colour or go the full blast and blow people away with a whole new look.

Blue eyes to brown?

Hazel to blue?

What can’t you do? That’s the real question.

Check out the full collection and make your selections, but you won’t be able to stop at just one or two.

Just look at the looks

We can all get a little bored with the way we look every now and then. Well, you can say goodbye to that feeling when you say hello to the joys of one day coloured contact lenses.

Just imagine the power of being able to change your look for the day.

Feeling a bit flat? Then go for the brightness of Sapphire Blue lenses.

Like the idea of being a bit sultry and seductive? Get a pair of Chocolate Chai eyes working for you.

Thinking something exotic? Steal the scene in special Persian Green.

There some seriously fun colours and shades in same day contact lenses.

The list goes on and on. You won’t know where to leave off with all the killer looks available.

You can choose from a range of one day contact lenses that are simply stunning.

Only one name in One Day contact lenses to know

Not all same day contact lenses are the same.

There’s one great place to find all you could want in quality coloured contacts.

These aren’t just amazing looking lenses, they’re the very best in quality too. We’re talking about EU quality certified lenses that will transform your look at a price that’s almost impossible to beat.

These are the one day contact lenses that take unbelievably beautiful colours which then blend in with your own eye colour. The result is a truly unique natural look that’s yours and yours alone.

Eye catching meets heart-stopping and they’re all here for you at Colour Your Eyes.

The one day you dreamed of a special transformation is here and now.

It’s all here waiting - online, anytime.

Finding a look that will make your day is easy when you Colour Your Eyes.