Solotica Hidrocor - Topazio (Monthly)

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Talk about amazing – that’s Solotica hidrocor topazio lenses.

What are they?

Let’s break down all the ingredients that make these contacts so mind-blowingly good.

First off – Topazio is the amazing colour of these lenses.

If you speak Italian or Spanish you probably know that Topazio means Topaz. It’s the special blue that makes topazio a stand-out in the colour scale.

No wonder Topazio lenses are so well sought after. Who wouldn’t want such a rare and stunning shade shining from their eyes? Now you can get that wow factor happening with your own set of Solotica hidrocor topazio lenses.

The great thing is that these little wonders work wonders whatever eye colour you have.

The solid gold name of Solotica

When it comes to the world of coloured contact lenses, the name to remember is Solotica. This is one of the world’s most respected brands for so many reasons. Solotica make top of the range lenses that are a quality all their own. You don’t last long if you’re not producing the very best. That’s why Solotica is such a trusted name, one that meets the strictest EU certification standards.

Their Hidrocor range is a classic example of style meets quality.

Say Hi to Hidrocor

With Hidrocor lenses, you have the magic of great colouring without the darker circle (or limbal ring) around the iris. This gives you one of the most natural looking pair of eyes and a captivating look that will get heads turning your way.

With natural looking eyes with an almost supernatural colour, you can’t go wrong with your new set of Solotica hidrocor topazio contacts.

The word on the Topazio wonders

It really is no surprise that people are looking for a great colour for their eyes and the mystery and mystique of Topazio lenses is truly unique.

Having an almost dreamy Sky colour that drifts into a pool of lighter blue. These are the lenses that people find hypnotic. Talk about being the talk of the town! Here’s your chance to make a big splash at a party, a special occasion or even turn a normal weekday into a never ending, spell-binding time.

See what a transformation that Solotica hidrocor topazio lenses can do for you.

Grab your chance to grab a pair and watch the world sit back and stare – for all the right reasons.

You can change the way you’re seen when you Colour Your Eyes.

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