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Wolf Eyes Contacts

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Wow everyone wearing your Wolf Eye contact lenses

Ahoooh!! There’s a wolf in all of us just dying to get out and howl at the Moon.

Get a set of Wolf contact lenses and you are all set for a sensational outfit.

Freaky? Yes! Scary? Tick! Wow Factor? Absolutely!

There’s something special about the eyes of a wolf. Even Hugh Jackman looked pretty damn amazing with his wolf eyes working wonders in Wolverine.

Maybe it’s time to unleash the beast and the best way to do it is in wolf eye contacts.

Almost any fancy dress costume or outfit that needs a freaky look to top it off could use some wolf contacts working for it. The special thing about these lenses is the overlay that sits over the natural base of your eye to create a wicked wolf eye look.

Why do Wolf contact lenses work so well?

There’s something powerful about having a wolf look about you.

No-one messes with a wolf and no-one dresses better than in a wolf-like costume.

Think about it for just a second and you will soon realise just how bloody brilliant a pair of wolf eye contacts can make your next fancy dress outfit.

Let’s say you’re going as a wild man or woman, some creature from a well-known book or movie.

You’ve put a really good costume together for the occasion but it’s missing something.

That’s where the right coloured contact lenses make ALL the difference and where wolf contacts can make you look a winner.

Suddenly that animal side to the costume comes bursting out of your eyes. You’ll watch all the other party guests give you plenty of room and plenty of compliments for having some truly wild eyes.

The Halloween lenses that scream success

Halloween is all about dressing up and making a statement.

If you go half-hearted with your costume, it looks like you’ve gone half-dressed.

You can create a wicked Halloween or dead-set gorgeous fancy dress outfit using the power of wolf eye contacts as your starting point.

Imagine wearing a specially designed pair of lenses that completely cover over your natural eye and deliver a wolf look like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Talk about memorable and talk about dramatic. Absolutely everyone is going to remember your eyes and that look.

These are the perfect choice for any Halloween or fancy dress party. You can even wear them to make a simple night out a real event. You won’t just stand out from the crowd, you’ll have the crowd standing back in awe of how good you look.

You don’t need an excuse to wear these wolf eye wonders

The strange thing about wolf contacts is that they’re so addictive to wear. You will want to pop those suckers in and take a walk on the wild side.

Ever wanted to go to a party as a werewolf? Here’s your chance. You can choose from a whole range of colours and freaky looks.

Want to hit a festival or event and really get noticed? Wolf eye contacts are a certainty to get you the notoriety you’re after and for all the right reasons.

When it comes to any fancy dress, put your name on the shortlist for Best Dressed by wearing your wickedly sensational wolf contact lenses. They work wonders on dark and light coloured eyes and come in a choice of everything from 1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month and Yearly lenses.

Where is the wolf eye look going to take you?

Whenever you’re short of ideas for a costume, just remember how good you can look in the right coloured contact lenses.

Get yourself all set for a fancy dress, Halloween or Cosplay outing with a set of seriously freaky coloured wolf eye contacts.

There’s only one name you need to remember when it comes to the best of the best in coloured contacts. It’s Colour Your Eyes.

An unbelievable range of unbelievable looks are all yours.

These are the coloured contacts that celebrities go looking for. Why? Because they’re all quality contacts.

That’s British made - EU quality certified lenses and all at a great price. They’re all yours and ready when you are – online, anytime.

For a killer look that you will go wild for, all you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.