Bloody Red Contact Lenses

Release your inner demon with these Red Coloured Contact Lenses. These crazy looking coloured contacts are guaranteed to get you noticed. Wear them with a costume to really finish of the look or wear them on their own for a real conversation starter. Completely covering your natural eye these coloured contact lenses will give you a stunning professional effect. 

For use with Halloween costumes, fancy dress, and extreme fashion or for just having some fun these coloured contacts will certainly make you look unique. 


  • Sold as a pair, Available in 1day, 1month, 3month and 1year wear. 
  • Wear for maximum of 8 hours (per day)
  • 45% water content 
  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline 
  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive 
  • Produced under ISO International Standards quality control 
  • Manufactured in the UK

Note: Contacts must be soaked and stored in a ‘MesmerEyez Cleaning Solution Kit’ before first use. We recommend all our customers add this product to their order.

Bloody Red Coloured Contact Lenses

The coolest contacts from Colour Your Eyes come in a whole range of great colours.

But bloody hell, they don’t come much better than Bloody Red coloured contact lenses!

We’re talking a seriously devilish look here.

A kooky and spooky look is yours in these wicked little wonders.

Here’s your chance for a thrilling set of eyes in your pair of chilling contacts.

Want to finish off that zombie costume or fancy going that extra step with your fancy dress? One look at your set of Bloody Red coloured contact lenses will set hearts racing.

Something Special

The special effect is that these special contacts completely cover your eye so you look like you’ve visited a professional make-up artist or just walked off a film set.

You can have some bloody great fun watching people run for the door as soon as you walk in. These are the wickedly bewitching lenses that drive people out of their senses.

Once the shock is over, they’ll all be running over to ask where you got those freakin’ awesome eyes.

Look out world – Here you come!

If you’re a little bit shy, then give these coloured contacts a try. You will be getting plenty of attention and plenty of questions about just how you got that devilishly clever look.

When you want to bring out that other worldly style, you have the answer. This is one where people could swear you’ve just risen from the underworld or dropped in from another planet is here for you.

Yes, some people may go white with fright at one sight of you in your new coloured contacts, but you’ll be laughing at how easy it is to look so fantastically fearsome.

A Wow Factor Now!

Whether you’re a delightfully delicious Demon or a half-dead skeleton fresh from the grave, these lenses have a life of their own.

Back your pair of Bloody Red coloured contact lenses with some freaky FX make-up and watch every head turn your way.

No-one has a ghost of a chance to rival your new deathly look.

With Free Shipping and a money-back guarantee – there’s a whole world of reason to colour your eyes with the world’s best lenses from Colour Your Eyes.

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