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1 Year Vampire Contact Lenses

Bloody Red Contact Lenses Colour Contact Lenses
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Crack Head Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Devil Colour Contact Lenses
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Goat Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Grey Mini Sclera 17mm Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Hades Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Red Mesh Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Red Mini Sclera 17mm Colour Contact Lenses
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Red Vampire Colour Contact LensesOn Sale
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Get set with the best set of Vampire contact lenses

Everyone loves the idea of dressing up as a vampire once in their life.

It’s that strange and seductive feeling of being that well-dressed and weirdly, sexy kind of baddie.

You don’t have the straight out shock value of being a beast or a completely psychotic character – there’s something more in going as a vampire to a fancy dress party. That’s where the special ingredient is having a great pair of vampire contact lenses comes into the picture.

You can suddenly look like a seriously sensational vampire with some killer vampire contacts in.

Why do you need Vampire contacts?

The simple answer is that you don’t need vampire contacts BUT you look a hundred times better if you do have a pair to wear.

You don’t need to be a genius to work out that any costume or fancy dress outfit goes from pretty good to dead set amazing with a set of coloured contacts added to the mix.

It’s even more important when it comes to a vampire outfit.

Check this little list for yourself and you’ll see just how much vampire contact lenses add to the whole vampire costume;

  • Cape
  • Fangs (No fangs? No thanks. These are a must!)
  • Slicked back hair
  • Black and white suit of some sort
  • And?... there’s the whole ‘vampire look’ in the eyes. Are you gonna skip this?

Going to all that trouble to look great and not have the vampire eye contacts is just crazy.

It’s the icing on the vampire cake we’re talking about. Is it any wonder that the whole Twilight saga was a box office smash when those vampire eyes could change from strangely appealing to strangely wild?

Having something that’s even half-decent as far as a costume goes is going to look wayyyyy better with something like a pair of Twilight contacts working for you.

A bloody amazing range of vampire contacts for you

If you’re new to the whole coloured contacts world then you might be thinking that finding an amazing pair of vampire contact lenses is going to take a lot of bloody time and effort.

Wrong! It’s easy as!

There’s a fantastic range of vampire looks you can get from Colour Your Eyes.

Want to go fiery in your new fang friendly outfit? You could choose anything from Red Rage, Red Mini Sclera or even Red Mesh for a scarily good look.

Then there’s the spooky option of Dead Red, Bloody Red and the mesmerising Red Vampire. People will be offering you their necks to bite just to join you on the vampire side.

For Twilight lovers, there’s a whole host of choices including Twilight Breaking Dawn, Twilight Bella Mini Sclera and Blind Twilight Volturi Vampire contacts.

You pop in a pair of any of these and the other vampire winning looks and you will shift yourself in the mirror. By that, we mean jump back or throw your hands up with a shriek. Yep, that’s how good you can look.

Be the Best Dressed Vampire at any party

When you’re wondering what would be a great costume for Halloween or a fancy dress? A vampire is a big Yes!

The great thing about going as a vampire is:

  1. Everyone knows who you’ve come dressed as
  2. You don’t have to spend big money to look a million bucks
  3. There are a whole variety of different vampire styles to choose from

Just make sure that your killer costume has the right finishing touches and that’s choosing the right vampire contact lenses.

Where do you get the best of the best in coloured contacts? The answer is Colour Your Eyes.

These are the quality coloured lenses that you know will give you a winning look and you know are EU quality certified lenses. You can shop online anytime you want and choose from huge collection the ultimate in coloured lenses.

Want a vampire look that doesn’t suck? Get freakin’ fantastic contacts from Colour Your Eyes.