Dead White

Enter the world of the living dead with these Dead White coloured contacts. Perfectly covering up your natural eye, these lenses are a bold statement in the deathly realms of Halloween. Soul? What soul?

Perfect for those of you wanting to create a dramatic statement. Wear them at a party, event or just on a night out. Guaranteed to get you noticed. 


  • Sold as a pair. Available in 1day, 1month, 3month and 1year wear. 
  • Wear for maximum of 8 hours. (per day) 
  • 45% water content. 
  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline. 
  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive. 
  • Produced under ISO International Standards quality control. 
  • Manufactured in the UK.

Note: Contacts must be soaked and stored in a ‘MesmerEyez Cleaning Solution Kit’ before first use. We recommend all our customers add this product to their order.

Dead White Coloured Contact lenses

Halloween comes to life in Halloween Dead White lenses

Are you ready to send people into a spin?

You will with these freaky Halloween lenses in.

There’s some amazing coloured contacts around. You can colour your eyes with all sorts of kooky looks but there’s something extra special about Halloween Dead White lenses.

Fear Factor with a Wow Factor too

You might be lucky to turn a few heads when you walk in at a party.

You won’t be turning just a few heads in your Halloween Dead White lenses, you’ll be the cause of all the conversation stopping, the jaws all dropping and maybe a few high pitched squeals and screams.

These are the dead set winners when it comes to taking your Halloween outfit to a whole new level. Make an entrance at any costume party, event or special night out and you’ll be stealing the limelight.

Everyone will be under your spell and that spell’s fun as hell.

A haunting look starts here

How do they work so well?

The trick is in how easily Halloween Dead White lenses cover your natural eye colour and transform you into someone from another world – mostly the underworld. Spooky!

You will look like you’ve just had a full on session with a professional make-up artist.

All you need to do is add some of your own special effects, like some kooky touches from the FX Make-up range. A little splash of fake blood, or a scar here and there can do wonders.

A zombie look that is shockingly real, a Vampire that is blood suckingly good or a Ghost with the most chilling eyes can all be yours.

Cool contacts that send a shiver down the spine

Go full-on freak out and have a whole lot of fun doing it in your new pair of Halloween Dead White lenses.

Don’t sit there worrying that you can’t pull off a great look for Halloween, a fancy dress or a festival – You can! It all starts with these dead set legendary lenses.

This is your ticket to be the life of the party.

A little quality goes a long way

Remember, Colour Your Eyes has an amazing range of Halloween and coloured contacts to choose from.

  • Sold as a pair and available in a choice of 1 day, 1 month, 3 month and 1 year lenses. 
  • 45% water content. 
  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive. 
  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline. 
  • You can wear them for up to 8 hours a day

The best coloured contacts are here waiting for you!

The perfect Halloween or party look is yours when you Colour Your Eyes.

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