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Red Blind Contact Lenses

Red Mesh Colour Contact Lenses
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Red Blind Colour Contact Lenses
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Blind Walking Dead Colour Contact Lenses
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Blind Nej Colour Contact Lenses
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Blind Virus Colour Contact Lenses
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Blind Afterlife Colour Contact Lenses
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If you can’t see how incredible blind contact lenses are, then you’re… missing out.

There’s something super special and super freaky about blind contact lenses.

The look is to die for – and it is a seriously killer look you will have going for you.

It’s the ultimate add on to any fancy dress outfit.

These little heart stoppers take any costume into a whole other level. The word for it is ‘amazeballs’.

Make your Halloween costume a winner

Wouldn’t you love to walk into a party and have everyone stop? Pop in your set blind coloured contacts and watch every head turn to you. These are the limelight catchers, so if you’re not wanting any attention – the power of blind eye contact lenses is not for you.

If you’re looking for a chance to pull off the Best Dressed at the next fancy dress, then blind contact lenses are your best ticket. People will freak – people will shriek – everyone will know who you are after they catch a look at those jaw dropping eyes!

You can have endless amounts of fun freaking out friends.

(Just don’t wear them when you visit your Gran).

A look that is WTF

You get World Transforming Fun when you have a set of blind contact lenses in.

This is your dead set best chance to be the freakiest guest at any dress-up party. With even a costume that is just okay, you can to pull off a great look, all with help from a simple pair of blind coloured contacts.

The transforming effect is earth shattering. If you’ve never worn them before, be prepared to scare the bejangles out of yourself when you first cop a look at yourself in the mirror.

Could well be that you actually scream a little at the first look at those freakily fantastic eyes.

If there’s a devilish side to you (and we all have one if we’re honest) then here is your chance to let that little demon have some fun.

The great thing is there is more than one scarily good style in blind contact lenses.

The special effect of blind contact lenses 

The super special thing about blind lenses is there is no pupil and no iris. Yeah, that’s more than a little weird but don’t worry – you won’t affect your vision. Despite the freaky colouring, you’ll still be able to see as well as ever. It’s just the fun of seeing all those shocked and startled reactions that you can enjoy.

Blind eye contact lenses are the perfect way to make more of your fancy dress or Halloween costume, they can always work wonders with your extreme make-up too.

You can look like something from another world in a matter of minutes. That’s the power of the transformation. From a zombie, walking dead, devil or demon, people will be thinking they are seeing an actual ghost of some kind.

It’s the special effect of these special blind lenses that sends chills down the spine.

Get your heart stopping eyes going today

There’s an amazing range of blind coloured contacts waiting for you now at Colour Your Eyes.

The best in everything from blind white to black blind, vampire, wolf, alien and more – you have a choice of spellbinding blind looks from these fantastic coloured lenses. Get ready to shock people’s socks off in a set of quality contacts.

The best part is, the whole collection is here – all set to go!

Get your new set of the best blind contact lenses around. They’re all yours online, anytime.

The perfect party look is yours when you Colour Your Eyes.