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Bella Black Contact Lenses


There’s a way to get the full, fun freak effect in the simplest way.

All you need to steal the limelight is go dark – really dark – and you won’t get darker than wearing your new blackout contact lenses.

This is your chance to shine without needing to try. The limelight will be all yours.

Colour your eyes in the darkest shade and people will be talking about you all night.
It’s not like you’re going to shock every other party goer, but you probably will. So Sozz everyone else!

Dive into blackout contact lenses and make a real splash at your next party.

The Beauty Of Blackout Contact Lenses

You might ask yourself “Will I be able to see properly?”
The answer is an absolute YES.

The best thing about getting the best blackout contact lenses from Colour Your Eyes is you look great and you can see perfectly.


Even though Black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses sound like you’ll be pretty much blind, you won’t. The secret is the soft Sclera lens is transparent – meaning you can see through the centre.
A nifty way to look cool and nifty way to be thrifty too. You can get these amazing black sclera contacts cheap with Colour Your Eyes and save a heap too.

Dress To Impress At Your Next Fancy Dress

Fancy a freaky fancy dress costume?
Top it off by topping off your eyes in black sclera contacts, cheap and cheerful – well, you might get an earful of shrieking friends and startled strangers.
Could be an idea to wear earplugs - there could be some serious screaming going on when they take one look at you and your black Halloween contact lenses.

It’s a great choice for your next fancy dress.

Go Freakout in Blackout contact lenses

Will these new blackout contact lenses affect your vision? Do you need a prescription for them?
No need to see the optometrist and no need to worry.

Your black sclera contacts are dead set non-prescription wonders. No increase or decrease to your vision so they’re suitable for all eyes. Your vision will stay normal while your new look will be from another world!

You won’t see yourself in the same way. These special Sclera blackout contact lenses have been seen in a whole list of movies. You’re going to look like you stepped off a film set, so get set for a truckload of compliments and a whole lot of attention.

OMG from CYE

Colour Your Eyes has an incredible range of coloured contacts and Halloween/Costume lenses.
Get a look that’s out of this world that won’t cost you the earth.
We’re proud to offer you top quality lenses - The best of a true British brand.

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